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1. Disclaimer website

Content and availability of the website

NBN has taken great care to ensure that the information provided is complete, correct, exhaustive and up to date. Despite these efforts, there may still be errors in the information that is made available to you. If the information provided on or via the website contains errors, or if certain information is unavailable to you on or via the website, NBN will do its utmost to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

The website www.nbn.be may contain links to websites that are not administered by NBN. NBN only offers these links for user convenience. NBN can therefore in no way be held responsible for the content of these websites.


NBN retains all intellectual property rights over the website www.nbn.be. Some software applications and graphics that can be accessed on or via the website are supplied by third parties and may be protected by copyright, which means that use and reproduction of these items are restricted and require prior permission from the copyright owner.

All intellectual property rights (including copyright, patent rights, brand rights, trademark rights, database rights and model rights) related to information available on or via this website (including all texts, logos, images, sounds and software) are the property of NBN or have been included with permission from the right-holder.

Copying any part of this website and/or the brands (logotypes) displayed on this website is strictly prohibited without prior permission from NBN. It is also prohibited to modify any part of this website or to include it in any other work, paper document, electronic document, weblog, forum or another website, or to place links to this website, without prior permission from NBN. NBN reserves the right to modify this disclaimer.

2. General terms and conditions of sales

Please consult here the NBN terms and conditions of sales.

3. Privacy Statement

View the NBN privacy statement here.

4. Cookie Policy

This website uses cookies of various types. Please see below for a definition of these categories.

Essential functionality cookies to keep the website functioning properly.

  • Analysis-performance cookies that allow the NBN to measure how the website is used.
  • Analytic and performance cookies, which the NBN uses to track how the website is used.
  • Other cookies, which, though not under the above categories, may be used to analyse how our website is used.
  • The NBN uses third party ad server cookies, through which you may see targeted advertising based on information such as your gender, age and/or area location. The NBN does not keep personal data.
  • Other cookies, which, though not under the above categories, may be used to analyse your use of the website.

To what does this cookie policy relate?

This cookie policy relates to all “NBN online services”, i.e. all websites, (mobile) applications and internet services that are offered by the NBN and give access to NBN content.

Who manages this cookie policy?

The NBN, Bureau for Standardisation, headquartered at Jozef II-straat 40 Post Box 6, 1000 Brussels.

Are the conditions subject to change?

The NBN may change its privacy statement or cookie policy at any time. It may do so, for example, as the result of a change in its services or a change in the prevailing law.

How do you disable or manage cookies when using NBN online services?

Via NBN online services

For some of its online services, the NBN gives you the option to set preferences for each cookie type. Do this by checking the buttons in the ‘Cookie settings’ menu. To save the new settings, click the green 'Save' button. The new cookie settings will apply the next time you visit the NBN online service page.

Through your browser

You can refuse or manage cookies in your browser settings. You can also delete all cookies that have already been installed from your mobile device or computer.

For information on how to refuse cookies on the most common browsers, refer to the following website: http://www.aboutcookies.org/. For more detailed information on browser type, follow these links: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari.