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Belgian standard NBN E 23-402 internationally recognized


Belgian standards are an important springboard for international recognition. For example, the calculation method of the Belgian standard NBN E 23-402 was recently incorporated into the German software MDESIGN. Without a standard, this would have been almost impossible.

NBN E 23-402

The Belgian standard NBN E 23-402:2019 Gears - Calculation of gear tooth fracture loadability was co-developed by Dirk Leimann of ZF, a global supplier of drive technology: "We found that the gear fracture loadability is sometimes speed-dependent. That means that gears get damage on their gearing at high speeds. Thanks to my calculation method, you can assess whether flank breakage could occur and take appropriate measures to prevent this damage."

German Organisation records calculation

The German software company MDESIGN has now incorporated this method of calculation into its gearing program. This would never have been possible without the standard. For Leimann, this is an international recognition of his methodology.

Standard opens international doors

Dirk De Moor of Agoria, the Belgian employers' association for technology companies, responds elated: "Thanks to the standard, it is easier to communicate the calculation of flank breakage internationally. Especially with the English version. So now international customers can also be convinced of this new calculation method. The standard communicates the new insights in an unambiguous and accessible way."

A process will also soon be launched to integrate these insights into the calculation methods of the ISO/TC 60 - Gears. A Belgian standard can thus open doors and is a relatively simple entry point to international recognition with great impact.

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