The 6 benefits of ISO certification

ISO certification

After applying a standard, many organizations consciously choose certification. Why? ISO certification provides you with 6 concrete benefits. We go over them one by one for you.

1. Greater opportunity in tenders and permits

Governments and large organizations often include ISO certification in their requirements for tenders or licenses. Do you have ISO certification? Then you are often one step ahead of the competition. The most commonly requested certificates are ISO 9001 quality management systems, ISO 14001 environmental management systems and ISO/IEC 27001 information security.

2. Working more efficiently and smarter

With a management system, you optimize structures, processes and responsibilities. It helps you combat waste or standardize procedures. And by working more efficiently and smarter, you achieve your business goals faster.

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3. Positive reputation

A good image has to be earned. You do that by gaining the trust of your stakeholders. The international recognition of ISO management standards helps you do that. Do you have an ISO certificate? Then you can prove with ISO 45001 that you consider health and safety in the workplace important, with ISO 14001 that you take environmental management seriously, or with ISO/IEC 27001 that you protect your information. Moreover, with an ISO certificate you belong to a select group of organizations. This also gives you a competitive advantage in an international context.

4. Continuous improvements

After the implementation of the standard and before issuing the ISO certificate, the external auditor will visit you. The auditor mainly indicates what improvements can still be made to your policy, objectives, processes, risk management, etc. You also learn how other organizations deal with these and what solutions they apply. The periodic evaluations that follow keep you on your toes, you update your objectives and detect new opportunities and risks more quickly.

5. All noses in the same direction

A certification changes your organisation at all levels. The structure and processes ensure that everyone, from employees to management, thinks and acts in the same direction. Management standards also require you to keep thinking about the interpretation of leadership or how to increase employee engagement. The latter has a positive impact on your employee retention.

6. Increased customer satisfaction

Customers have expectations of your organisation, services or products. With a certified management system, you respond optimally to them. With ISO 9001, you increase the quality of your processes. That leads to fewer complaints, or rather: greater customer satisfaction. Other current examples are ISO 14001 for the efficient use of raw materials and ISO 50001 for the design and implementation, maintenance and improvement of your energy management system. These are important parameters for today's consumers and trading partners.

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