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Increased focus on mental health and safety at work since corona


The corona pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our emotional and mental health. Yet COVID-19 also magnified the importance of mental health in the workplace.

ISO took the lead and developed a new standard: ISO 45003: Safety and Health Management at Work - Psychological Safety and Health at Work - Guidelines for the Management of Psychosocial Risks. This standard helps employers create the right environment for the mental safety of their employees.

ISO 45003 for psychological health at work

ISO 45003 is a global standard that provides practical guidelines for dealing with psychological health in the workplace. The standard defines psychosocial hazards. It also develops a management framework that recognizes these hazards as major challenges to occupational health, safety and well-being.

Psychosocial risks

Psychological and social perils increase the likelihood of work-related stress and can lead to psychological or physical harm. Examples include excessive work hours, poor leadership, bullying, an unpleasant work environment or exposure to dangerous tasks.

Negative impact on health

Psychosocial hazards negatively affect our mental health and safety. But health, safety and well-being at work in general are also compromised.

Employees may experience poor health, unhealthy behaviors and reduced job satisfaction, commitment and productivity.

The performance and sustainability of your organisation also deteriorate. And that causes economic costs, both for your Organisation and for society. For your organisation , the impact of psychosocial risks means higher costs through sick leave, reduced quality of products or services, recruitment and training, workplace investigations and lawsuits, as well as damage to the reputation of your organisation.

ISO 45003: partner for your mental health

Effective management of psychosocial risks using standards delivers many benefits. Think greater employee engagement, higher productivity, and more innovation and sustainability in your organisation.

ISO 45003 lists psychosocial hazards arising from work organization, social factors, environment, equipment or hazardous tasks. The standard links these to a set of management measures used to eliminate these hazards or minimize associated risks.

A new era for mental health at work

The covid crisis has changed the way people live and work. Drastic adjustments in workplaces and hours, and fewer physical meetings have drastic effects on mental well-being.

Therefore, supporting mental health within organizations has never been more urgent.

ISO 45003 provides the framework to reduce the negative side effects of this unprecedented time in our history.

The future of mental health in the workplace requires a culture change with more compassion, understanding and sustainable ways of working.

We are now on this path thanks to COVID-19. Let's use this moment to open a new era for mental health at work.

Getting started with best practices for psychosocial risk management?

Check out these guidelines in advance!

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