Fire safety

New: all standards for fire-safe buildings in a nutshell

Fire safety

Which standards for fire prevention, fire detection and fire fighting help you protect your building? From the more than 600 international, European and Belgian standards that exist on fire safety, the NBN filtered the most relevant ones. You can find them on our brand new overview page on fire safety and you can easily purchase them in our renewed e-shop.

Fire hazards remain one of the main business risks. Office buildings, schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities ... every building requires a sophisticated strategy to prevent human and property damage. Professionals working around fire safety have been given more tools to do so over the years. Among other things, in the form of standards.

NBN creates order out of chaos

A strong policy should include at least three types of measures. First, there is the organisation. For example, is there any awareness-raising and emergency lighting in place? In addition, passive and active fire protection play a major role. In other words, a fireproof structure and means to efficiently detect and fight fire. Good to know is that each of these subdomains within fire protection is fueled by standards. And these are often mandatory.  

Fire protection in schools

An example of such a mandatory standard around fire protection is the recently published Belgian standard NBN S 21-204-2:2020, in full: Fire protection of buildings - School buildings - Part 2: Fire protection of new school buildings. This means that every new school building and every extension of existing school buildings must comply with certain rules. These include interventions to prevent the spread of fire and a plan to ensure the safety of persons present. New standards for existing and temporary school buildings are also currently being developed.

Explore requirements for new school buildings and expansion for existing schools

Purchase NBN S 21-204-2:2020 from the NBN e-shop.

NBN S 21-204-2:2020

Wondering what other standards will help you with fire prevention, fire detection, fire suppression?

Explore this handy overview page!

Overview page

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