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New standard for data protection and privacy


Our digital and offline worlds are increasingly intertwined. Privacy and protection of our personal data have therefore become essential. It is important to incorporate these basic values early on in the development of products and services. This is why the new standard NBN EN 17529:2022: data protection and privacy was developed.

What is NBN EN 17529:2022?

The standard contains requirements for manufacturers and service providers to implement data protection and privacy as early as possible. So before - or independently of - a specific application integration. That way, you ensure that the products and services developed are as privacy-proof as possible.

Why was the standard developed?

NBN EN 17529 was designed in response to a request from the European Commission. It is a perfect example of how European standards are being developed to complement international adoptions to address European challenges.

Why is this standard of interest?

In May 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. Better known by its English acronym GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation). The GDPR is a European regulation that standardizes the rules for processing personal data by private companies and public authorities throughout the European Union. The new standard NBN EN 17529:2022 helps you do just that.

Getting started with NBN EN 17529:2022?

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