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04/05/2023 - 15/06/2023
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Follow the ISO 9001 Master Track and become a specialist in this international quality standard.

Take a specialist ISO 9001 quality management course

Does your organisation opt for quality service? Does it want to go the extra mile for an últra satisfied customer? Then the ISO 9001 standard for quality management is probably no stranger to you. Do you want to become a real ISO 9001 specialist or do you want to be able to conduct internal audits? Then follow the ISO 9001 Master Track.


What is quality management?

Quality management seeks to maximize the quality of a product, production process, service or organisation.

Companies use a quality management system to ensure and improve the quality of their operations.

Does your Organisation also want to set up a quality management system? Then ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management, is the ideal instrument for this.

Follow our ISO 9001 Master Track and deepen your expertise around ISO 9001 and quality management.

What benefits does this training offer?

If you want to learn more about ISO 9001, this unique learning path is really for you because:

  • You start with the ISO 9001 e-learning, so all participants start with the same prior knowledge. This allows you to immediately go deeper into the material in the classroom sessions
  • You will learn to interpret and implement the standard requirements of ISO 9001 within your own professional context.
  • you will be introduced to a number of management techniques that you can apply in quality management.
  • You take your first steps into the world of quality auditing. For example, you will learn audit report formatting and audit techniques using role-playing exercises.
  • You will receive the ISO 9001 Certified Master diploma if you pass the exam and final test.


What does this NBN training look like?

The Master Track ISO 9001 combines online, classroom and individual classes. It consists of 4 parts:

1. E-learning ISO 9001

  • Our quality management experts teach you the basics about quality and ISO 9001. You learn to frame quality within a professional context.
  • You go through this basic training of about 8 hours at your own pace. Only after everyone has passed the e-learning exam will the classroom sessions start. This way, everyone starts the next module at the same level.
  • You can also purchase the e-learning as a separate course. Read more about the ISO 9001 e-learning.


2. Application of ISO 9001

  • In this 1-day classroom session, you will learn to interpret and apply the standard requirements of ISO 9001 within your own professional context. Trainers use many examples from their own experience. Moreover, they always respond to how ISO 9001 is addressed within your sector.
  • You frame a number of management techniques within the concept of "quality management.
  • You apply a number of techniques such as risk management.

3. Audit of ISO 9001

  • This 1-day classroom session is about internal quality audits. You will learn how to plan and conduct a quality audit.
  • You will master the basics of a number of relevant audit techniques. This is a highly interactive session with your peers and trainer using role plays.
  • You write an audit report.
  • This Master Track only prepares you for a role as an internal auditor.

4. Exam

  • After the first class session, you will receive an assignment in which you evaluate a component of a quality management system. In doing so, you must actually apply the standard to your case.
  • After the second class session, you will get an hour of one-on-one coaching, where you can ask your trainer all your questions and receive some personal tips and tricks.
  • The final part includes an online exam and a class presentation of your assignment. After your presentation, there is also a debate with the trainer and the other participants each time.
  • If you pass the exam and the final test, you will receive the ISO 9001 Certified Master certificate.


Our instructor: Joerdi Roels

Standards expert Joerdi Roels has expertly prepared this training course. Joerdi is a teacher with a great deal of experience: he guides organizations in implementing and optimizing management systems according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 26000. Joerdi is an expert in quality management who is directly involved in the development of the standard and is therefore up to date with the latest evolutions. He has over 20 years of experience in the world of standards and standardization.

Do you purchase this training for all your employees?

This is possible from five participants and up!

  • Then you get a more advantageous price. Starting from five participants, you get a 30% discount.
  • Then count on a personalized education.
  • Then you will have a meeting with the trainer beforehand to customize your training.

Interested? If so, please contact Yens Van Overloop.

Trainer Joerdi has a tremendous amount of experience. That makes it beautiful and instructive. Always nice to learn things from someone with so much expertise. So thank you!

An enthusiastic participant

Wondering who should definitely take this course?

The QHSE Manager, a consultant on quality, the quality officer, the quality consultant, the R&D manager,...

Interested in the ISO 9001 Master Track?

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04/05/2023 - 15/06/2023
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