Annual Report 2022

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2022 was another year of many challenges for the NBN in an evolving world. Despite these challenges, the NBN continued to invest in its future to serve its clients and other stakeholders even better.

For example, 2022 was a remarkable year with the signing of the agreement with the BEC. From now on, electrical engineering standards can be purchased through NBN and you can go to one place for all your standards.Furthermore, we continued to work behind the scenes on our digital transformation, the fruits of which our customers will reap in 2023. And you may have noticed by now, NBN has a brand new branding to communicate even more clearly and better with everyone who is involved with standards and standardization up close or a little further.

So an exciting and eventful year for NBN. In this annual report, we take you into the world of standardization and give an update on our initiatives and activities. At the same time, we also take a look at our achievements for 2022. Achievements that will make companies stronger, smarter and more competitive.

Johan Haelterman Chairman of the Executive Committee at NBN & Member of the ISO Council
Johan Haelterman
Chairman of the executive committee
Dominique Du Tré Director of Services at Agoria
Dominique Du Tré
Chairman of the Board of Directors

2022 in figures

As Organisation or government, do you want to work more efficiently or be more competitive? Then standards are an essential tool. Every year we see the use of standards increasing.
standards consulted
by commercial users
of our standards collection by students, academics and teachers
who appealed to NBN
commit to developing new standards
‍uniquewebsite visitors
15,661 subscribersto the NBN newsletter
‍BelgianStandards (NBN)
2021 + 6
‍EuropeanStandards (EN)
2021 + 1,358
‍InternationalStandards (ISO)
2021 + 1,407
‍translationsof standards into Dutch

NBN and BEC join forces

The NBN and the BEC signed an agreement whereby all Belgian, European and international standards are offered in one place. From January 9, 2023, the NBN will sell all standards for electrotechnics and electronics.
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Certification ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001.

Standards are also a crucial cornerstone for our own operation. NBN is certified for ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 27001 (information security). In this way, we continue to work on smooth service delivery and ensure that our information systems are properly secured.

The continuous attention to improvement at NBN has led to an increased focus on cybersecurity, better alignment with customer needs and a more "Agile" way of creating value.

Training courses ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 recognized as annual refresher courses

Our training courses on ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (health and safety at work) are recognized as annual refresher courses by the Flemish Government and the FPS WASO. So from now on, environmental coordinators and prevention advisors can choose from these trainings as annual refresher courses.

Renewed IT platform

The development of a new IT platform continued, with the publication of standards being extensively automated. This also paves the way for a revamped website and customer portal to be launched in spring 2023.

New corporate identity

In 2022, we developed a new corporate identity for NBN's communications. Starting in 2023, NBN communications and the service platform will be brought into this new corporate identity.

News summary


NBN is the reference for reliable knowledge.We stand for solid service and offer companies and other stakeholders best practices that answer recognizable problems. Create. Use. Learn. Share.
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Standards development from a to z

NBN is the platform for standards development in Belgium. Experts from industry, but also governments, academics and civil society actively collaborate on new standards in your sector. Together with sectoral operators, NBN ensures a smooth transfer of knowledge.


A growing number of organizations are discovering that sustainable policies and profitable growth do go hand in hand. To shape their sustainability policies, organizations are increasingly drawing on the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As a member of the ISO network, NBN contributes to the achievement of these SDGs.

More information on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be found on this page.

Do you want to translate the SDGs into concrete action plans? Then ISO standards are a useful tool.
Graph of number of ISO standards contributing to sustainable development goals

Number of ISO standards contributing to sustainable development goals

No poverty
Zero hunger
Good health and well-being
Quality education
Gender equality
Clean water and sanitation
Affordable and clean energy
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Reduced inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities
Responisble consumption and production
Climate action
Life below water
Life on land
Peace and justice strong institutions
Partnership for the goals

Our standards collection

In addition to 1,358 European standards and 1,407 International standards, we published these Belgian standards in 2022:

NBN B 15-001:2022
Concrete - Specification, properties, manufacture and conformity - National supplement to NBN EN 206:2013+A2:2021
NBN B 15-105:2022
Concrete - Methodology for evaluating and attesting the fitness for use of inert raw materials intended for concrete
NBN B 14-210:2022
Tests on exterior and interior plasters - Bond strength by tensile test (in-situ)
NBN S 01-400-1:2022
Acoustic criteria for residential buildings
NBN B 21-606:2019+A1:2022
Precast concrete products - Wide slabs - National application standard to NBN EN 13747+A2:2010 and to NBN EN 15050+A1:2012
NBN EN 1997-1 ANB:2022
Eurocode 7 : Geotechnical design - Part 1 : General rules - National Annex

Standards committees launched in 2022

Brain-computer interfaces
Menstrual products
Underwater welding
Regulated chemicals in products
Marine technology
Secondary ion mass spectrometry
Guidelines for the promotion and implementation of gender equality
Autonomous flying

Experts from diverse backgrounds

2,862 Belgian experts in 654 Belgian standards committees

Donut diagram of the distribution of the background of Belgian experts in standards committees
Large enterprises (≥ 50 employees): 41,61%
Kmo’s (< 50 werknemers): 29,44%
Governments: 14.52%
Academics: 9.59%
Employee organizations: 2.57%
Consumer organizations: 1.99%
Environmental organizations: 0.28%

... Active in standards projects from 14 sectors

Electrical Engineering
Safety and health
Facilities and energy
Digital society
Household appliances and HVAC
Consumer services
Nutrition and agriculture
Defense and security
Source: CEN Annual report 2022


Access to standards

Through myNBN and the NBN e-shop, NBN customers can easily access knowledge documents.

NBN e-shop

Through the NBN e-shop, you can easily and specifically search an extensive collection of standards and then purchase them directly. The standard can be downloaded immediately.

myNBN: my personalized and centralized standards collection

With myNBN you can manage your standards collection online. Thanks to this handy online platform, you can easily and quickly consult the latest and replaced versions of NBN standards in various languages. With myNBN, you create a centralized standards collection tailored to your organisation. You can also download and print your standards in no time, and much more.
"Everything on one platform, which I think is an incredible asset. Moreover, any employee can access it at any time and from any location. I really enjoy working with NBN and its user-friendly platform. NBN hasn't missed the digital train and I'm happy about that."
Alain Dragon Engineer in oil & energy industry
Alain Dragon
Engineering Studies Manager

Experience with the NBN platform


Access to standards

NBN offers e-learnings and Master Track training courses for quality management (ISO 9001), occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). In addition, the NBN also offers training for quality management for laboratories ( ISO/IEC 17025).


NBN offers e-learnings and Master Track training courses for quality management (ISO 9001), occupational health and safety (ISO 45001) and environmental management (ISO 14001). In addition, the NBN also offers training for quality management for laboratories ( ISO/IEC 17025).
  • You don't need any prior knowledge.
  • You will engage interactively.
  • You learn when and where you want.
  • You will receive the Certified Associate degree.

Master Track

A course that combines online, classroom and individual classes.
  • All participants start with the same prior knowledge.
  • You learn to interpret the standards requirements and use them within your own professional context. In addition, you will be introduced to a number of management techniques that you can apply immediately.
  • You take your first steps into the world of auditing. For example, you will learn to format audit reports.
  • You will receive the Certified Master degree if you pass the exam and final test.
NBN characteristicNBN characteristic
"Is well put together: nice structure, different learning methods ánd motivating. In short: fantastic!"
Our ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 courses have been recognized since 2022 as annual in-service training for environmental coordinators and prevention advisors by the Flemish Government and by the FPS WASO.

Expert training "Starting up as an NBN expert"

To support all Belgian experts in standards development, the NBN also offered an adapted training in 2022. Thus, these experts discovered and learned the main differences between Belgian, European and international standards, who develops the standards, how this is done, ...and more. Even experienced experts benefited and discovered new perspectives.
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Webinars "Standardization, the Basics"

For those who want to participate in standards, the NBN organized bi-monthly webinars. In it you discover what standards development is, how it works and why it is important. You can ask questions to experts by experience who are involved in standards development.

Universities and colleges

EDU portal

The EDU Portal allows students to be introduced to standards. They are the future users of standards. Through the EDU portal, students can access more than 42,000 standards in reading mode. In addition, in 2022, we worked on a broader service offering to universities including a business game and e-learning in management systems for students.


A stimulating environment for knowledge sharing

Bringing professionals together to exchange knowledge and experiences: it is one of NBN's strengths. In 2022, NBN was present at the following events:



Technical regulation and standardization, innovation, sustainability, digital transformation, artificial intelligence ... In 2022, Agoria's largest knowledge, inspiration and networking event ACUMEN was all about the latest business evolutions. This 4-day hybrid event brought no less than 67 sessions. As one of the main sponsors of this event, we gave several presentations and participated in the final debate.
NBN as an exhibitor at pop-up curiosity

Pop-up Curiosity


NBN was present as an exhibitor at Pop-up Curiosity, Wallonia's largest b2b event. We introduced NBN to the Belgian economic actors present and made them aware of the strategic importance of standards for companies. Moreover, we highlighted the benefits of participating in the standardization process.
Standards experts at NBN thank you event

Thank You Event


For the 6th time, NBN organized its Thank You Event. 230 NBN experts and stakeholders attended the event at the Bozar in Brussels. During this festive evening, we put 4 Belgian experts and an NBN partner in the spotlight. They received an award for their efforts in the development and promotion of standards.

Fireforum Congress 2022 "Scientific Research" & "Applied Fire Safety"


Fireforum asbl organized the 7th edition of the Fireforum Congress in 2022 in collaboration with its partners, including NBN. This edition of the Fireforum Congress took place at Maison de la Poste, located on the Tour & Taxis site. In the 'Scientific Research' sessions, the speakers presented their vision of the future. What developments can we expect? What new insights will influence our view of fire safety?

Week of the Circular Economy


NBN participated in Circular Economy Week, an event organized by the Circular Wallonia division of the Walloon Public Service. NBN gave a webinar for companies on the crucial role of standards in the transition to a circular economy.

G7 conference on standardization


NBN was one of the participants in the G7 conference on standardization as a tool in the fight against global warming and the global energy and digital transition. NBN joined representatives from the standardization community, including ISO and other ISO national members. Our goal? To confirm that standards play a crucial role in current challenges of digitalization and energy.

Belgian Biodiversity Alliance - 28/10/2022


NBN was present at the official launch of the Belgian Biodiversity Alliance. This is a network of Belgian actors joining forces to protect and restore biodiversity in our country. As a member of the ISO, NBN effectively contributes to the development of international standards. Once published, they are a useful tool for every organisation to take biodiversity into account during commercial or industrial activities.

EFSD meeting in June in Vienna


NBN participated as a co-organizer in the 65th European Forum for Standards Distribution (EFSD) in Vienna. Some 50 participants from various standards organizations attended the meeting, physically or online. Purpose of the event? To share best practices and network with the various members.

ReNormAction! - Renovate in times of changing regulations


This year's annual IBE-BIV seminar was held Nov. 10, 2022, at the Flemish government's Herman Teirlinck Building. As sponsor, NBN gave a presentation on the benefits of standards and standards development.
Plenary Meeting ISO/TC 206 Fine Ceramics.

Plenary Meeting ISO/TC 206 Fine Ceramics.

7 & 8/12/2022

At the Plenary Meeting of ISO/TC 206 'Fine Ceramics' organized by NBN together with BCRC, we welcomed more than 35 experts from Korea, Japan and Germany, among others.

SDG Forum Belgium 2022


Together with hundreds of actors present, we reflected at SDG Forum Belgium 2022 on one question: what tools are necessary for Belgian organizations to most effectively achieve the 17 SDGs (the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals)? One thing is certain: there is an increasing need for coordinated action. Existing standards and standards under development are the ideal starting point for this.
NBN present at ISO Annual Meeting ( in Abu Dhabi)

ISO Annual Meeting (Abu Dhabi)


The NBN team participated both physically and online in the ISO Annual Meeting in Abu Dhabi. There were information sessions on 'Net Zero', 'innovation for transformative climate solutions',... . There was also the opportunity for networking. This year the sessions were organized hybrid for the first time, which gave the experts the opportunity to also participate online. With as many as 5000 participants, these editions broke all participation records.
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NBN thanks its stakeholders and customers!


Mission and Assignment

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Management agreement
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